The SF-UCS is a challenge for all

7 difficulty levels

The SF-UCS Progress 7 is a program, which is an integral part of the SF-UCS comprehensive training system.

By gradual increase of the load and shooting skills, you take tests to fulfil the prescribed tasks of the individual levels for which you receive a star.

The system is designed in such a manner that each test level is fulfilled three times in a row (it need not be accomplished on the same day). If you fail one of the three tests, you start all over again and take all the three tests.

This prevents haphazard fulfilment of the tests and you can personally verify that you really master the given level.

It is not necessary to fulfil the level from level 1, but you can start from the level that are sure you can cope with.

Firing after extreme load is what differentiates the “special forces” FROM the ordinary members from the armed forces.

7 difficulty levels

The T-Shirt with a patch of stars can be worn only by a person who has successfully accomplished the Level Test. You know a real fighter by the number of stars.
7 * is the absolute elite!


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